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Training: Gradescope for assessments

In conversations with faculty who are enrolled in the McKelvey Course Migration Workshop, Jason and I noted that testing kept cropping up as an area of concern for faculty. Although this is part of a much broader discussion, one facet of an approach to ensuring academic integrity may be using GradeScope.

GradeScope has a number of features worth investigating, including: capture of handwritten assignments; student engagement tools; grading keys to help in multi-grader courses; and artificial intelligence that groups assignment answers together. This last feature could surface potential instances of unauthorized collaboration, as students whose answers are consistently grouped together by the artificial intelligence may have shared material with each other.

Every Thursday throughout the summer Gradescope is running trainings. I’d encourage you to sign up for one of these trainings to check out the software. If there is interest, we may ask one of our experienced faculty users to demonstrate GradeScope at a future Lunch and Learn.

–Meghann Pytka