Remote teaching

Course structure: Orientation modules

The first week of any course is critical. Because we are starting Spring 2021 online, building out your Canvas site and using it as a platform to introduce your course to your students is vital. An Orientation Module can help you in this process. An Orientation Module provides students with critical course information. These details can allow students to:

  • Learn how to navigate the course
  • Find out workflow, engagement, and netiquette expectations
  • Identify Course Objectives
  • Locate academic resources, such as advising, tutoring, and labs
  • Find out how to get technical help
  • Get a “feel” for the course and its instructor

Orientation Modules tend to provide students the information that they would traditionally receive on the first day of class in brick and mortar settings. Ideally, Orientation Modules are packaged so that the information provided therein is easy for students to find and reference. 

Not all Orientation Modules are constructed in the same manner. Please find some samples below.

Image 1:

Screenshot 2020-06-17 14.50.22.png

Caption 1: Here is the Orientation Module for this Canvas Course. 

Image 2:

Screenshot 2020-06-16 11.13.21.png

Caption 2: Here is a screenshot of Facing History’s Welcome Module for its online, asynchronous course: “A New Approach to Teaching the Reconstruction Era”

Image 3:

Screenshot 2020-06-16 11.05.31.png

Caption 3: This Orientation Module provides a slick Welcome Page that walks students/participants through the mechanics of the course, the course expectations, learning objectives, and module learning goals. Additionally, there is a 3-minute welcome video that walks students/participants through the verbiage found on the Welcome Page.