Recording: Presenting Feedback to Learners (December 3, 2021)

Andy Butler, Associate Professor of Education and department chair, presented to new STEM faculty on why, how, and when to give feedback to your students, and what students value most in feedback that they receive. The session recording can be viewed here (with apologies for the video and lighting quality) and the slide deck and […]

Virtual Brown Bag (FRIDAY, December 17, 2021): “Promoting review and retention via reflective homework”

Janie Brennan, a Senior Lecturer in EECE, will discuss her experiences implementing “reflective homework”, a technique that is rapidly gaining popularity in engineering education. The reflective homework strategy is an approach to formative assessment that incentivizes understanding and mastery; encourages review and reflection for long-term material retention; and (as a bonus) disincentivizes cheating.  What: “Promoting review […]

Recording: Lessons Learned: Student Perspectives on Educational Experiences During the Pandemic (August 13, 2021)

EnCouncil students, including Caitlind Walker, Edward Morris, and Erika Ezife, discussed their experiences negotiating last year’s educational landscape. The session recording is linked below and can found in this box folder. You may need your WUSTL key to view this recording. If the link routes you to a Zoom sign-in page, choose “Sign in with SSO,” […]

Recording: Embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) within Engineering Courses (August 6, 2021)

During this brown bag, Meghann Pytka presented general strategies for developing and delivering inclusive courses. Tucker Krone focused on developing inclusive engineering problems; and Neal Patwari shared insights from his “Equity and Fairness in Estimation and Classification” course. The session recording is linked below and the presentation slides can found in this box folder. You may […]

Recording: Flipping your classroom do’s and don’ts (July 23, 2021)

During this brown bag, Jason Crandall presented general guidelines on why and how to flip a course, while Patty Weisensee gave a detailed look at her journey with flipping Thermodynamics II. She also provided examples of modules, quiz questions, worksheets, and grading practices from her course. The session recording is linked below and the presentation […]

Recording: Canvas Hints and Hacks (July 9, 2021)

This brown bag was an overview of advanced Canvas topics. Bill Siever and Chiamaka Asinugo presented tips on scraping and simplifying various kinds of data out of Canvas, course design, using quiz banks, and useful third party tools. The session recording is linked below. You may need your WUSTL key to view this recording. If […]

Recording: Zoom/Canvas training for student instructional staff (January 21, 2021)

This brown bag was a training for AIs and TAs led by Jason Crandall regarding common features in Zoom and Canvas. Topics included: scheduling and recording Zoom meetings, host and co-host controls, Canvas announcements, grading, and quizzes. The session recording is linked below. You may need your WUSTL key to view this recording. If the […]

Recording: Canvas Course Templates (January 8, 2021)

This brown bag was a discussion facilitated by Meghann Pytka regarding Canvas Course templates. Topics included: template benefits, template options, template imports from Canvas Commons, and template customization. The session recording is linked below. You may need your WUSTL key to view this recording. If the link routes you to a Zoom sign-in page, choose […]

Recording: Advanced Testing Brown Bag (December 4, 2020)

This brown bag was a discussion facilitated by Jason Crandall and Meghann Pytka on topics related to testing within the Canvas LMS. The topics covered included: Kaltura vs Canvas Quizzes for video lecture assessment; extended time for accommodations; take home Canvas Quizzes; bonus questions; student-selected questions; and administering multiple exam versions.  The session recording is […]

Recording: Assessment Brown Bag (September 3)

Our eighth brown bag was a moderated discussion facilitated by Jay Turner on various topics related to assessment and academic integrity. Patty Weisensee, Emily Boyd, and Jim Feher shared their experiences with take-home tests, Zoom proctored exams, and Respondus Monitor. Jay also shared thoughts from Young-Shin Jin about using oral exams, and fielded questions and […]

Recording: Zoom moderator training (September 8)

Below is the recording of the Zoom moderator training. We addressed various Zoom settings and roles, and also discussed control of the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras in university pooled classrooms. I’ve also linked to the slide deck for this presentation here. Click here to view Zoom moderator training. UDPATE: If you are trying to use the […]

Recording: Technology Tools Brown Bag (August 28th)

Our seventh virtual brown bag was held on August 28th. The instructional design team answered questions about Zoom, Kaltura, Gradescope, and Canvas. The recording is a Zoom recording that was processed and hosted in Kaltura. For your convenience, we’ve added Chapters to this recording that highlight when each topic was discussed. You can find the […]

Recording: Classroom Teaching Technology Virtual Brown Bag (August 20)

Our sixth virtual brown bag was held on August 20th from one of the pooled classrooms on Danforth campus. During this demonstration, Emily Boyd showed how to use the pooled classroom technology to deliver a hybrid lecture to students in-person and online simultaneously. Emily modeled the use of a tablet, a doc cam, and a […]

Recording: Engaging Online Students Virtual Brown Bag (August 14)

Our fifth virtual brown bag was on August 14th. Meghann Pytka and Jason Crandall shared various tools and approaches to facilitating online student engagement, including discussion boards, Zoom office hours, and small group work. I’ve attached the presentation from this brown bag here: August 14 Slide Deck The session recording is linked below. You must […]

Recording: Gradescope Virtual Brown Bag (July 31)

Our fourth virtual brown bag was on July 31st. Bill Siever and Tsitsi Nussinov showed various ways they have used Gradescope to help with fairness, consistency, and efficiency in their grading workflows. Both Bill and Tsitsi have shared their slide decks and are willing to consult with other faculty if desired. I’ve posted all three […]

Tablets Setup in Lopata Studio

We have set up four different tablets in the Lopata Studio. You can follow this link to reserve some time to check out what is available:

Recording: OneNote Virtual Brown Bag (July 16)

Our third virtual brown bag was on July 16th, and we had a great hands-on demonstration. Matt Lew and Janie Brennan shared tips on how to use OneNote for courses with significant calculation and derivation components. They demonstrated how a OneNote file can be combined with PowerPoint, .pdf files, and Canvas to capture free-form and […]

Training: Screencast-o-matic and VideoPad

In addition to Kaltura, the school supports two additional video capture and editing platforms. Screencast-o-matic Screencast-o-matic is loaded in both the Lopata 400 and Jolley 421 studios. It allows you to easily capture your screen and a webcam in to a video. There are then tools that allow you to edit that video prior to […]