This is a blog that contains teaching resources for McKelvey faculty and instructors as we prepare for teaching this fall.

Recording: Kaltura and YouTube Virtual Brown Bag (July 2nd)

Our second virtual brown bag was on July 2nd, and we had another great turnout. Neal Patwari gave a detailed demonstration of his process for recording, editing, and posting videos in iMovie and YouTube. Lori Setton explained why she used Kaltura in her spring course and how it helped her students. She also noted how […]

Lopata recording studio: Full-screen tablets and OneNote

The below videos will show you some of the hardware and software available in McKelvey’s recording studio. The studio is located in 401 Lopata, and available now for recording content. To schedule a recording slot, contact Ethan at If you’d like to talk with a colleague who has used OneNote to good effect in […]

Training: Gradescope for assessments

In conversations with faculty who are enrolled in the McKelvey Course Migration Workshop, Jason and I noted that testing kept cropping up as an area of concern for faculty. Although this is part of a much broader discussion, one facet of an approach to ensuring academic integrity may be using GradeScope. GradeScope has a number of […]

Virtual Brown Bag: Using Kaltura and iMovie

Neal Patwari and Lori Setton will be joining our instructional design team to discuss how they and their students used video content in their Spring courses. Please join us on Thursday, July 2nd at noon to discuss the benefits and challenges of using iMovie, Youtube, and Kaltura for asynchronous lectures and student assignments. We’d also […]

Recording: SP2020 Lessons Learned

Meghann and Jason hosted our first virtual brown bag on June 19th, and there were 49 attendees altogether. There was a robust discussion about student and faculty experiences during the spring 2020 remote session, and we surfaced a number of great topics for future brown bags. The session recording is linked below. You must be […]