Photo of Matthew McGrath

Welcome to the website of Matthew McGrath, Professor of Philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis

I will join the Department of Philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis July 1, 2021. Before that, I was Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University, 2018-2021. I’ve spent most of my career in the Central States area, at the University of Missouri (2002-2018) and before that at Texas A and M (1998-2001). My PhD is from Brown University, 1998. And I am as Midwestern as one can get, having grown up in Pittsburg, KS.

Authored Books

Cover of Knowledge in an Uncertain World
Knowledge in an Uncertain World, co-authored with Jeremy Fantl, Oxford 2009
Epistemology: A Contemporary Introduction, co-authored with Alvin I. Goldman, Oxford 2014

Selected Publications

Being Neutral – Nous (forthcoming)

Clarifying Pragmatic Encroachment – with Jeremy Fantl, Oxford Studies in Epistemology (2019)

Looks and Perceptual Justification – Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2018)

Knowing What Things Look Like – Philosophical Review (2017)

Two Purposes of Knowledge Attribution – OUP volume (2015)

Having False Reasons – with Juan Comesaña, OUP volume (2014)

Phenomenal Conservatism and Cognitive Penetration, The Bad Basis Counterexamples – Seemings and Justification volume (2013)

Memory and Epistemic Conservatism – Synthese (2007)

Four-Dimensionalism and the Puzzles of Coincidence – Oxford Studies in Metaphysics (2007)

No Objects, No Problem? – Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2005)

Evidence, Pragmatics and Justification – with Jeremy Fantl, Philosophical Review (2002)

Works in Progress

A Problem for Strict Pragmatism

Judgement, Alethic Affirmation, and Evidence

Pragmatism, Evidentialism and Dilemmas – with Juan Comesaña