Undergraduate Research Assistant Duties

Undergraduate research assistants will become familiar with the literature, attend lab meetings, and assist with the creation of study stimuli, participant recruitment, participant testing, and data analysis.

Undergraduate students can get involved by serving as research assistants for course credit (L33 Psych 333: Independent Study in Psychological & Brain Sciences).

Requirements & Preferences

  • The prerequisites for Psych 333 are available here.
  • In addition to Psych 333’s prerequisites, students should have taken/be enrolled in at least one undergraduate course in one of the following domains: Child Psychology or Developmental Psychology.
  • A strong interest in working with children is preferred.
  • Due to the training that we provide to undergraduates, preference is given to students who are able to commit to at least two semesters.

Online Application

Undergraduates interested in joining the Marrus Lab may fill out and submit the online application . Currently, the link is unavailable, but you can contact Alicia or Dr. Marrus if you are interested.

How to Submit for Course Credit at WashU

For research in departments outside of the Psychological & Brain Sciences department, a paper petition form must be submitted, available from Shelley Kohlman at (207B, Somers Family Hall). The petition form must be completed, signed by the sponsoring faculty (Dr. Natasha Marrus), and brought to Ms. Kohlman before the add/drop deadlines. It is the undergraduate student’s responsibility to make sure that the form is filled out and submitted before the deadline.