Dr. Susan Maloney is the Co-Director of the Model Systems Core of the IDDRC@WUSTL, with Dr. Karen O’Malley and Dr. Kris Kroll. In this role, she works with IDD investigators to coordinate studies across the Cellular Models Unit (Directed by Dr. Kris Kroll) and the Animal Assessments Unit. The Model Systems Core (MSC) within the IDDRC@WUSTL offers many Core services for phenotyping IDD-related mouse models. The Animal Assessments Unit within the MSC comprises the Animal Behavior Subunit (ABS), the Neuropathology Subunit (NPS), and the Neurophysiology Subunit (NPhyS), and the Developmental Neuroimaging Core within the IDDRC@WUSTL houses the Animal Imaging Unit (AIU).  These core units offer a variety of services to comprehensively phenotype an IDD model.

Consultation is provided by MSC Directors and Unit/Subunit leaders to assist the Investigator in designing the phenotyping study based on clinical features. Details of services offered through the IDDRC@WUSTL Cores can be found here: https://iddrc.wustl.edu/core-facilities/. All Core Units/Subunits have existing, ongoing relationships and collaborations that will aid study design.  In addition, cross-core data sharing will motivate assessments based on behavioral or mechanistic findings.