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Webinar: Indigenous Design: The Intersection of Racial Justice and Design

Wanda Dalla Costa, Principal, Taw Architecture Collective PLLC. Director, Indigenous Design Collaborative. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 4-5p EST / 1-2p PST
Credits: 1 LU HSW

Session Description:

Indigenous design is part of the collective reimaging underway in the field of architecture. Utilizing assets such as stories, rituals, values, history, and knowledge, Indigenous design offers a pathway that is inclusive and equitable, and at the same time, brings forward new meanings, new ways of working and new responsibilities. Indigenous design expands the reservoirs of inspiration typically available to architects, while offering a host of collaborative practices, that prioritize place-specific and value-based design.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how indigenous belief systems build and maintain connections with the land and environment, offering a broader system of metrics beyond aesthetics and economics.
  2. Through the lens of two-eyed seeing (indigenous and western thinking), engage the topic of Indigenous futurity, a new discourse which blends the past, present and future, toward innovative forward-thinking solutions.
  3. Understand how the Indigenous Placekeeping Framework returns community power and ownership, while offering insight on collaborative methods.
  4. Learn how Indigenous-centric designs offer a new way to think of sustainability, combining passive design, regionalism and climatic resiliency toward new solutions.

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