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Participate in an experiment at Sam Fox School!

The first experiment would be at 12 pm on Sept 09 (Friday). We will meet at Weil Hall Lobby at 11:50 am. This experiment requires 33 participants. I would like to invite you and your classmates to participate in this experiment.

The experiment will take place in 3 locations, southeast of Weil Hall, southwest of the Art Museum, and south of Givens Hall. 11 chairs will be placed in a row in front of different walls. This row will be moved three distances from the wall during the experiment. The first row will be the closest to the wall.

The participants will be asked to sit on a chair to get a sense of the surrounding environment and fill in a questionnaire during the experiment. The participants will sit at each site for around 15 minutes and at three sites for about 45 minutes.

After the experience, each participant can get a $15 gift card. Please click RSVP if interested.

Meet at Weil Hall Lobby