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Design Support for Facade and Modernization for Local Business

Classic Coin Laundry in University City seeks designers to support in modernizing the building exterior through a grant with University City, including potentially color selections for various elements, finishing materials, and a mural design. The design planning phase is July through September, and there is funding available to support a designer in this effort. Contact Angela M. Clinefelter, Classic Coin COO & Owner’s Daughter at or 785-813-3272.

Classic Coin Laundry is a family owned laundromat in University City that has been in business for 38 years. The owner John Sadl immigrated to the United States in 1958 from Yugoslavia after escaping communism at the age of 10. With only the clothes on his back he started a life in the United States and had American Dream of starting his own business in University City, which is now Classic Coin Laundry.
For the last 5 years Classic Coin Laundry has made great strides by updating the business model and increasing digital social media advertising to service a more diverse customer base. Our next big step is giving the exterior of the business a facelift to fit University City’s Urban flare; modernizing the laundromat to better meet the needs of the Washu Students & local customers. University City just announced a grant program that would allow Classic Coin to get additional funding to make this project possible.