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Call for Submissions: Annual Art Auction

Please consider being a part of GlobeMed’s annual art auction, Aesthetic! We are looking for artists from WashU to contribute art! Contact Dan Du at for more information.

We will accept all mediums of art, including photography and digital art. We are looking for pieces with a minimum bid of below $75. If your donated art sells, you will receive 25% of the profit. The theme for Aesthetic this year is Collision, but your artwork doesn’t need to fall under this theme. Aesthetic will be held in Tisch Commons on February 21, from 5 PM to 7 PM. The event will feature food from many different St. Louis restaurants.

We will contact you with more info closer to winter break, but for now, fill out the form, and think of pieces you’d like to sell! Additionally, if you’re going home for winter break, think of pieces back at home you want to sell. If you’re traveling over break, consider buying some art pieces at your destination to sell here!

Please contact Dan Du at for any questions.

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