Kristin Winchell publishes paper on genomics of urban adaptation in Nature Ecology & Evolution


Hot time in the city: Urban lizards evolve heat tolerance

Natural selection favors plastic trait — a ‘hidden superpower’

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Colin Donihue’s study on hurricane impacts on lizard evolution published in PNAS, covered in New York Times


A new study of lizards in countries struck by hurricanes suggests cataclysmic weather can reshape entire species… Read more

Anthony Geneva hired as Assistant Professor

at Rutgers University-Camden!

Ambika Kamath hired as Assistant Professor

at the University of Colorado-Boulder!

Kristin Winchell gets grant from Society for the Study of Evolution to combine lizard art and science communication

Jhan Salazar named youth Afro-Colombian of the Year


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Pavitra Muralidhar named Center for Population Biology Post-doc

at University of California, Davis

Jonathan Losos receives grant from

Human Frontiers of Science Program


$1.2M grant to study evolution of Central American lizards

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Claire Dufour publishes paper in Journal of Animal Ecology on using robots to study lizard behavior and invasive species.

Alien robots reveal how native lizards turn up fight mode.

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Kristin Winchell publishes phylogenetic analysis

of the evolution of urban tolerance in Evolution

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Colin Donihue publishes paper on how conservationists need to incorporate ideas about urban evolution

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