Nicholas Herrmann

A graduate student at Harvard, Nick is studying community ecology and ecological drivers of speciation.

Graduate Student at Harvard

Inbar Maayan

A graduate student at Harvard, Inbar is interested in the mechanisms shaping biodiversity, and works on ecology, evolution and phylogeography of Jamaican anoles.

Aryeh Miller

Aryeh is interested in understanding processes of adaptation in Anolis lizards in the Greater Antilles using an integrative framework.

Pavitra Muralidhar

A graduate student at Harvard, Pavitra is studying evolutionary genetics of Anolis and evolution of sex determining mechanisms.

Ansley Petherick

Ansley is interested in the ecology of Anolis lizards and drivers of adaptation and diversity.

Sofia Prado-Irwin

A graduate student at Harvard, Sofia is studying evolution and ecology of Central American Anolis lizards.

Jhan C. Salazar

Jhan is studying ecology and evolution of lizards along the Andes mountains.

Former Graduate Students

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