The Mental Health Services (MHS) at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) are notoriously overworked and understaffed. Many patients must wait three to four weeks for an appointment with a counselor. MHS introduced a new program in spring of 2016 called Let’s Talk that provides free, short, and confidential walk-in sessions with a MHS counselor. Let’s Talk targets students who require more immediate counseling help or students whose issue is not ongoing and who don’t require long-term help from a counselor. At present, this resource is underutilized by students; however, if used efficiently, this program could sufficiently serve a considerable number of students and open up more appointment slots for those who need it. With data collected from MHS and a survey we sent out to WUSTL students, we used discrete event simulation to create a model of attendance at locations where Let’s Talk is currently held. We then used this model to predict attendance at other locations we believe would be more accessible to the student body in order to increase utilization.

Annie Gocke - BS Systems Engineering

Concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Anna Boerwinkle - BS Systems Engineering

Concentration in Biological Systems

Shilpi Sharma BS Systems Engineering

Concentration in Biological Systems

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