Learn@Work is governed by two committees, Product and Content, consisting of elected members from the University community.

Product Committee Primary Responsibilities

  • Review system updates and releases of new and enhanced functionality
  • Review requested changes in Learn@Work and assess risk of proposed changes which impact  our customers
  • Research ways to expand system functionality which support learning and development
  • Report decisions to the Learning Administrator community and Executive Sponsors
Elected Members
Department Member
Enterprise Applications Brian Lawton
Enterprise Applications Meekee McDougald
Project and Portfolio Management Office Julie Szaj
Human Resources Representative Steve Ehrlich
Compliance Representative Sarah Fowler Dixon
Department Representative David Mulvihill

Content Committee Primary Responsibilities

  • Create, review, and revise criteria for new learning content based on adult learning theory and WCAG 2.1
  • Review and assess new learning content to be added to Learn@Work
  • Provide content creators critical feedback to improve courses pedagogically
Elected Members
Department Member
Human Resources Representative Steven Ehrlich
Project and Portfolio Management Office Julie Szaj
Compliance Representative Anne Grabowski
Compliance Representative Iris Dickhoff-Peper
Department Representative Richard Viehmann