The Content Committee created the Scoring Criteria and Feedback Form (download from Box) to guide content creators in developing content that is accessible (as mandated by the American’s with Disabilities Act and Section 508 compliance), interactive, and based on adult learning theory. The scoring criteria will be used to review submitted content and provide content creators with feedback and analyze the level of readiness.

All interactive content created in Adobe Captivate must reviewed by the Content Committee prior to creating your course in Learn@Work in the Production environment. The following process is required:

  1. If needed, contact Angi Ruble to set up a meeting to discuss your content, development, timeline, and Learn@Work needs.
  2. Create your content and acquire content reviews from at least 2 colleagues/peers. Note: Learning and Development Specialists are available, based on an hourly rate, to create training content. Complete the Organizational Change Management Services form to request a Specialist.
  3. Upload the content and create your course/class in Learn@Work’s Sandbox (Test) environment. Note: You must have Admin Learning access in the system to upload content and create courses.
  4. Contact Angi Ruble to set up review from the Content Committee. Include the title of the course, Course ID, and Class ID in your email. Allow two weeks for review and feedback.

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