Welcome to the Klechevsky Lab

Our research goal is to integrate knowledge of human dendritic cell biology, a critical component of the mammalian immune system, to develop novel effective immunotherapy approaches that harness dendritic cell properties to fight cancer and autoimmune diseases

About Us

The ability to distinguish between physiological and pathogenic antigens and to make decisions about how to respond to particular pathogens or a disease condition signifies a properly functioning adaptive immune system. Dendritic cells (DCs), a diverse family of antigen-presenting cells, are required to explain how these specific responses are initiated and controlled. Our work on the immune system is focused on the biology of DCs in humans. Using cellular and molecular techniques we are examining the specializations that make DC subsets so adept at detecting inflammatory signals and driving different modules of acquired immune responses. The role that individual DC subsets provide in directing adaptive immunity is also critical to our understanding of human disease and guides us in identifying new principles and practices that would hopefully lead to new treatments for some of the challenging human diseases.