Working Papers:

Mobilizing Collective Memory: A Large-Scale Field Experiment on the Effects of Priming Collective Threat on Voting Behavior. In progress

The Long-Term Effects of War Exposure on Civic Engagement: Evidence from the Vietnam War.  In progress

Peer-reviewed publications:

The Clarity of the Majority’s Preference Moderates the Influence of Lobbying on Representation. Party Politics (forthcoming)

The Emotional Underpinnings of Attitudes Toward Transitional Justice. 2018. Political Studies 66(2): 480–502.

National Personality Traits and Regime Type: A Cross-National Study of 47 Countries
. 2017. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 48(2): 195–216.

The Association Between Agreeableness, Extraversion, and Support for Secessionist Movements: Evidence from A Large Survey of More Than 33,000 Respondents in Catalonia. 2017. Personality and Individual Differences, 107(3): 102–107.

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Attitudes towards Immigrants and Immigration Policy in Asia and the Pacific: A Quantitative Assessment of Current Theoretical Models Beyond Western Countries. 2016. Asian Journal of Political Science, 24(1): 87–123.

National Identity, Social Institutions and Political Values. The Case of FC Barcelona and Catalonia from an Intergenerational Comparison (with Clinton, P. and Samper Seró, C.). 2015. Soccer & Society 16(4): 469–481.

Contextual Effects on Subjective National Identity. 2014. Nations and Nationalism 20(4): 701–720.

Book Chapters:

Putting Groups Back Into the Study of Political Intolerance. (with James L. Gibson and Christopher Claassen). 2018. In At the Forefront of Political Psychology: Essays in Honor of John L. Sullivan

Valence and Ideological Proximity in the Rise of Nationalism: Party Support in the Spanish General Elections, 2008 and 2011 (with Elena Labzina and Norman Schofield). In Schofield, N. and Caballero, G. (coord.), 2017,  State, Institutions, and Democracy: Contributions to Political Economy. Springer.

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(with Enric Martínez-Herrera). In Pallarés, F. (coord.), 2014, Las elecciones autonómicas de 2011-2012 (pp. 130 – 152). Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

Other Publications (editor-reviewed journals, WP series, etc.):