Principal Investigator

Jian Wang, Ph.D.

Professor of Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering
Director, Center for Aerosol Science and Engineering

Office: Brauer Hall, Room 3027

PhD, California Institute of Technology, 2003
MS, California Institute of Technology, 1998
BS, University of Science and Technology of China, 1996

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Postdoctoral Scientists

Guangjie Zheng, Ph.D.

Research focus: Aerosol processes and the aerosol-cloud interactions

Yang Wang, Ph.D.

Research focus: Develop and deploy the fast integrated mobility spectrometer (FIMS) for aerosol size and hygroscopicity measurements

Nicholas Rothfuss, Ph.D.

Research focus: Aerosol processes and aerosol-cloud interactions in the Maritime Continent region

Jiaoshi Zhang, Ph.D.

Research focus: Miniaturized water-based FIMS development and deployment

Graduate Students

Zhenyang Jiang

Doctoral student

Research focus: Aerosol measurement and data analysis under clean natural conditions


Himanshu Goyal

SU2019 Undergraduate Intern

Research focus: Optimization of water-based FIMS using COMSOL Multiphysics and MATLAB simulations

Group members when Prof. Wang was at Brookhaven National Laboratory:

  • Dr. Tamara Pinterich, July 2015 – January 2018
        –   Current Affiliation: Bosch Corporation
  • Dr. Ryan Thalman, August 2013 – August 2015
        –   Current Position: Assistant professor, Snow College
  • Dr. Michail Pikridas, November 2012 – November 2013
        –   Current Position: Associate Research Scientist, The Cyprus Institute
  • Dr. Fan Mei, December 2009 – January 2013
        –   Current Position: Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Dr. Chongai Kuang, September 2009 – November 2011
        –   Current Position: Scientist, Environment Sciences Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Dr. Jason Olfert, September 2006 – July 2008
        –   Current Position: Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Dr. Pramod S. Kulkarni, February 2004 – June 2006
        –   Current Position: Research Scientist, National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, Cincinnati, Ohio