I typically hire one summer intern student a year for the data science group at the Global Research and Data Analytics group at Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) in St. Louis, Missouri.  To be considered for an internship you must still be a student by the summer semester (this means that you have at least one additional semester to complete after your internship).  I often hire students from Washington University (and other St. Louis/Missouri universities), but that is not a requirement.  I begin actively looking for candidates in the November to January time frame each year.  I typically hire graduate students, but particularly strong undergraduates are considered as well. Currently, I have all of my summer 2018 positions filled.

If you are interested in data science and like computer programming this is a great internship.  Our team works with R, Python, and Javascript/Node.  This is a very technical position.  You will work on the same real world projects that our full time permanent employees tackle.  However, you will be given supervision and guidance to grow your skills to solve complex real world problems.  It is important that you like to code, as coding is central component of this position.  Knowledge of other technologies, such as SQL, Spark/Hadoop, and Excel are also very helpful.

The ideal candidate:

  • Can take requirements and construct a program that fulfills this requirements.
  • Has worked on a data science modeling project before.  If you have not, go work on a Kaggle Tutorial project and really understand what you are doing/why.  It is important to have a project to talk about if you are interviewed.
  • Enjoys coding and technology and likely has a GitHub account that shows some project that the student has worked on and is proud of.
  • Has a LinkedIn page that showcases any experience the student has, as well as previous education.

If you would like more information, please contact Jeff Heaton.