Overall Results

The overall outcome was that we successfully implemented a permanent fully autonomous system in the Jeanette Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility with closed loop threshold control, system configuration via our cloud interface, and a user-friendly GUI. Our current system will remain up and running in the greenhouse.


Threshold Control

To demonstrate the automated watering, and threshold control of the system, we plotted 57 hours worth of data logging. The resulting graph is shown below.

Figure: 57 hour data log of moisture sensor readings vs. time. As can be seen, we reconfigured the system to have a dry threshold of 2250. After we did this, the plant stayed at a more constant moisture, and watered more often. This was desired for a tobacco plant. For other plants,however, the first threshold would have yielded better results. This demonstrates how we could configure our system remotely to behave how we wanted it to

By the end, we had a system that was reliable, had sufficient failsafes and manual overrides, and could be configured through the cloud.