Precision Agriculture

Industrial agriculture has been trending towards data analytics and efficiency for a few years now and expansion of the industry in expected to continue. A topic that we did not have the resources to pursue was developing a mathematical model of a particular type of plant. In order to truly verify any mathematical or biological model we would need to measure the full growth cycle of a population of plants. We did not have the time for this validation process in our project. If we had such a model, we could perform more complex data analytics and have a greater understanding of how the plant might operate as a transfer function. All of this would have led us to more comprehensive and precise agricultural results.

Consumer Product Space

There were many potential additional features or functionalities we would have liked to implement to our final product. For individual consumers there are no real comparatives to our automatic watering system. In the future we would like to expand functionalities to a variety of common house plant species. Making the system self contained and easy to set up would truly differentiate it. Additionally, the material costs for a project like this are relatively low, at large scale these systems would be comparably very cheap and highly accessible.