Andy Xu

Andy is a research technician in lab. Before beginning his work as a technician, he worked in the lab as an undergraduate researcher where he majored in Chemistry with a focus on Biochemistry and minoring in Computer Science. He was a peer tutor through the Chem 111/112 PLTL program, a question writer for the WashU Chemistry Tournament, and a volunteer at Bethesda Hospice Care. Before coming to the Jackrel lab, Andy worked in the Blankenship lab on projects investigating the structure and function of proteins involved in cyanobacterial photosynthesis. In his free time he enjoys going to the gym, studying music, and trying out new recipes.


Howard, M.K., B.S. Sohn, J. von Borcke, A. Xu, and M.E. Jackrel. (2020). Functional analysis of proposed substrate-binding residues of Hsp104. PLoS ONE. 15(3):e0230198. pdf file link