JotForm is the only WUSTL approved secure forms solution and must be utilized whenever collecting and storing sensitive data via a form that is available via the Internet. JotForm meets all compliance mandates. Use of other form solutions, such as WordPress forms, is not allowed.

Requesting JotForm

You may request a JotForm license from the Service Now Catalog. The application is licensed per user and each user can create unlimited forms. Current cost of a license is noted in the Service Now Catalog item. Cost of a license is for a twelve month time period. Licenses can be transferred from user to another as needed.

JotForm Help

JotForm is a self-service application and application specific support is not provided by IT. WU Service Desk cannot provide application specific support for JotForm. All licensed WUSTL JotForm users have access to JotForm support services. The links below provide useful support and knowledge tools for JotForm:

Submit a JotForm support request

JotForm FAQs

JotForm User Guide (Only consult enterprise guides and topics)

JotForm Blog

JotForm How-To Videos

WUSTL JotForm User Community Teams Channel