Working with us

Graduate students. 

We are always looking for bright, hardworking graduate students.  Details of graduate programs can be found at:

Institute of Material Science and Engineering Graduate Program


Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Graduate Programs.

Undergraduate students.

We are interested in working with motivated undergraduate students who want a career in research.  If you want to work hard and make progress, then come talk to us.

Research Professionals.

What do you want to get out of working with us, and how long do you want to stay?  Please write to Dr. Thimsen with a short description of your experience and future research interests.  Please also include a CV that has a listing of your publications.

Industrial partners.

We are happy to work with industrial partners.  These relationships can take a variety of forms, for example sponsored research agreements, or mutually beneficial internships for our group members.

Please contact Dr. Thimsen if you have questions.