There are various computing and printing labs throughout the Sam Fox School facilities.

The Whitaker Learning Lab is located in Kemper Art museum, Room 040 on the ground floor near the Art and Architecture Library. It functions as the main hub for most printing activity and is open to all across the school.
The Whitaker Lab provides the following services:

  • 19 Seat (including teacher) classroom, each with a desktop computer system.
  • All computers are dual-boot (Apple and Windows)
  • Large format printing facility
  • Large format scanning facility
  • The IT Department is located in the Whitaker Lab
  • The classroom is prioritized for classes when scheduled in advance. Please contact the Deans administrative teams for short or long-term reservations. Otherwise, it can be used as an auxiliary drop-in lab when it has not been scheduled.

The drop in lab in the main area offers nine dual-boot workstations and is open from 8am to 11pm (lab monitor hours). There are two flat-bed scanners available. Scanning takes priority on computers with attached scanners and software. During breaks and vacations lab hours may be restricted. Check the front door for short-term changes in open hours. You can also sign-up to be notified of changes via social media outlets.

Large format printing is available during open lab hours. Pricing information is posted throughout the facility or please review your PaperCut account.

You may opt to provide your own print media. Before doing so, bring a manufacturer description for approval by the IT department staff. Plotting charges are adjusted in this case, however page printing costs remain the same. Make sure to have the lab monitor load or IT staff load and unload your paper.

Large format scanning is only available from 9am – 5pm. Large format scans must be prepaid via Papercut. However, a lab monitor will have to facilitate your payment process. The cost is $2 per scan. A receipt must be presented to the IT staff prior to scanning. Users who are scanning pencil or charcoal drawings must provide their own acetate to cover the scan surface.
No scans will be allowed without acetate use.

For all help requests please submit a Help Desk ticket.

Additional Labs
There are two labs on the second floor of Steinberg Hall rooms 203 and 204. Room 203 may be used at any time as a drop in lab. Scheduled classes have a priority in Steinberg 204. If no class is going on or scheduled (scheduled classes are usually posted), you may use the lab as a drop-in lab. However, you may be asked to leave if a scheduled class is meeting.

The Communication Design Elective Lab is a Mac based computer lab and is primarily reserved for associated classes. The Photo Elective Lab is also reserved primarily for associated classes.

In addition there is a lab on the second floor of Bixby Hall and the third floor of Lewis Center. Each of these has Dual-boot computers along with printing facilities.

All lab computers have Microsoft Office and a version of Adobe Suite. Windows partitions also have AutoCad, Rhino and various plugins for 3-D rendering and various digital output.

There are TA’s stationed in each lab that will be able to assist with any computing or printing question. The Whitaker lab monitor may be reached at 935-9290.