Help Desk

Help is just a click away.
Please email IT at or use the Help Desk tool to submit questions or issues and our IT staff will respond once the ticket is reviewed. You can submit for help such as:

  • Printer is out of ink, paper, or there is a paper jam.
  • Projector in a classroom is not working or the bulb is broken.
  • Unable to make an internet connection.

Typically, an IT staff member will either take care of the issue and close the ticket or contact you to schedule meeting with you to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Please help us help you by considering these important tips:

  1. Please tell us where you are. We service five building and may not be able to find you or your office.
  2. If help is needed for a printer, please also tell us where this printer is by noting the room number or the printer name.
  3. If you know others have submitted a ticket for the same concern, like a printer in a studio area, please refrain from submitting multiple ticket for the same issue and check in with those you know have submitted the ticket. However, we’d rather have multiple tickets submitted rather than none.
  4. If you are having challenges with email, like having password reset, re-check the Help Desk ticket you created so that you can retrieve any information sent to you. Most sensitive data however is dealt with face to face at the Whitaker Lab IT Offices. Walk in are welcomed.
  5. We will respond within 24 hours to what you submit via email.