BOX File Storage

All students, faculty, and staff are provided with a Box storage account for saving files. You can find additional information and log in with your WUSTL ID at Login to WUSTL Box


Current Service Status:

Service Status Notes
Box Web App green-checkbox No issues.
Box Mobile Apps green-checkbox No issues.
Box Sync green-checkbox No issues.

Faculty and Staff,

Please take note, when using Box for your studios/classes, please, please, please make yourself the OWNER of a top level folder for that studio/class and then nest the rest of the folders inside that folder. What’s happening is TA’s are being given the charge to create a folder structure on Box for a studio or class and they become the “owners’ of that folder and everything under it. When that student leaves the University, if you don’t have ownership or co-ownership of that folder from the top level, everything will disappear when that student’s Box account is closed.

One good practice would be for you to create a top level folder for each class/section/studio you teach. Then, add your TA’s as editors to that top level folder. This allows them to create, add, move items in that folder and all succeeding folders under the top level folder. If you wish them to also manage folder access, you can make them a Co-Owner. Just make sure you are at least a co-owner of any folders you wish to retain from year to year. Ownership or co-ownership will prevent the folder from disappearing or you losing access to the folder after the student leaves the university.