New Faculty Quick Guide

The following is important information for new faculty to get you up and running with various school resources. Please note that the first step in the process is to make sure all your paperwork is finalized with Human Resources (HR) before you can access these tools. Contact our Manager of Financial Operations, Karen Swiney at 314-935-6563 or karen.swiney@wustl to make sure HR paperwork is complete. Karen will guide you through the process to secure your Wustl Key and email address.

Wustl Key
The Wustl Key is your username and password for all University resources such as email, Human Resource Management Systems, and many other resources. Any time you log into a University secure system, you will need your Wustl Key. Once you complete your I-9, you will be directed to create your Wustl Key during the HR sign up process. Without a Wustl Key, you cannot access email or all other University systems. Please contact Karen Swiney at 314-935-6563 or karen.swiney@wustl with any questions. If you need to change your Wustl Key or have forgotten it, please go to this link.

All faculty are provided with a University email account on Microsoft Office 365 once they complete their paperwork with HR. Upon creating your Wustl Key, you can log into your email by going to this website and using your Wustl Key to use the Outlook Web Application (OWA). All official communication will go to this address and not a personal email such as or Please read the How-To section for forwarding email if you prefer to have emails forwarded to your personal email account. Please note that Calendar and other tools come with this service. In the OWA online tool, you can access them by clicking on the square in the upper left of the screen.

Distribution Group
All faculty are entered into “distribution groups” which are the primary way in which the Dean/Director’s offices, as well as other key offices, will send out mass communications. There are faculty and student distribution groups. If you do not receive communications within the first few weeks of school, please contact your respective colleges Dean/Director’s office to check in with the administrative support.

Once you are set with the basics, there are many other resources for you and your students on our the intranet. Take a look at the growing repository of resources for engaged practice, research, technology and much more at the Sam Fox School. Below are some additional basic things to remember in helping your day to day operations.

When you are hired the IT Department will connect your computer and assist you with set up as printers must be installed on your specific computer. “Papercut” is the system that tracks all printing and will also need to be installed. Faculty who do not have office spaces and are adjuncts using their computers may print to any of the studio/office area printers but will need to schedule time with IT to have the relevant printer drivers and PaperCut installed. Please schedule time by emailing the Help Desk at For specific program/project accounts, please discuss with IT so they can transfer the funds to your PaperCut account in coordination with the Business Office. Payment options are (a) credit card for personal things or (b) charged to an account such as research account or program and project-specific accounts for the school.

Please note that all students use Papercut and pay for printing. There are some few exceptions where funds are added to their accounts from class fees. If they have questions about the process, please direct them to the IT printing section of the intranet at this link

Photography and some MFA printers do not use Papercut so, please check in with those program coordinators for more details.

For large scale plotting, you can use the Whitaker Lab however you will need to cover the expense if for personal and or research activity. Please contact the IT Department to facilitate the transfer of funds to your Papercut account if there is a specific account you can bill plotting to.

To access Sam Fox network resources, you must use the wustl-encrypted-2.0 wifi network and log in with your Wustl Key. It is an encrypted connection to all of the Sam Fox School network resources available, including printing. If you haven’t already connected to wustl-encrypted-2.0 wifi network, please use these instructions to configuring your computer to connect.

AV Support
Classrooms are equipped with AV systems in most rooms. Some programs areas have portable AV’s due to space management. Please review the room in advance to make sure you are familiar with the AV as they will differ from room to room. If you need assistance, please contact the IT Department through the help ticket system to schedule training before you need to use it. You can email IT Help Ticket at

Computer Labs
All faculty have access to labs unless there are classes in the room. You can learn more about labs and their locations by going to this link. You can also encourage your students to use any of the labs throughout all the buildings.

Classes & Classroom
You will also have access to the WebFac, the central management tool for accessing student roster and knowing where your classes will be held. If you need assistance with this tool and or the using the tool, please contact the Assistant Dean and Registrar, Cris Baldwin, at

Blackboard is the current learning management system at WU. You have access to it now at This year we are in a pilot period as we transition over to Canvas our new learning management system. It provides students with instant access to their grades, syllabi, and schedules. Students can keep in touch with professors and collaborate with peers online, anytime. Blackboard also provides mobile apps for phones and tablets.

IT Help Desk
Please review the instruction here for contact the IT Help Desk. If you have any questions about technology, please use this link. All other questions related to other functional groups of the school, please reach out directly via email.

Additional University Resources
For additional University-level tools, please connect to this link.