I can’t log in to a PC machine.
We’ve simplified the process for logging into Sam Fox School lab computers. You no longer need an account to log in. Each lab computer has a “Student” login (Apple and Windows) which does not require a password. Simply click on the Student account and you’ll be logged into the computer. You will still need to log into your own Papercut account to access printing. Just make sure to log out when you’re done with your session. Since the account is shared, lab computers are NOT an appropriate/reliable place to store/save files.

I can’t Print.
If you’re printing via WiFi, make sure you are connected to “wustl-encrypted-2.0” WiFi network. This is the only WiFi network that allows you to connect to Sam Fox School resources such as printing. Printing is not available on any other WiFi network.

Check if you have enough money in your PaperCut account. You can confirm your account balance on the PaperCut web interface: http://papercut.samfox.wustl.edu

It is possible there is a problem with the printer you are trying to access. Confirm the name of the printer you are sending the print job to both on your computer and at the location of the printer. If you see a physical warning or error message on the printer display screen, immediately notify the lab monitor on duty, or file a Help Desk ticket.

My document didn’t print, but my PaperCut account was charged.
If a document fails to print and your PaperCut account is charged, please file a refund request at Help Desk. Copy and paste details of the print job into the email to expedite your refund. Review refund guide at this link.
Please Note: NO REFUNDS will be given for money in PaperCut accounts after you leave the University. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please make sure you use your available PaperCut account balance before you graduate or leave the University. As long as you are an active student, you may leave money in your account between semesters and from year to year.

My computer is giving me error messages. Where can I have it repaired?
The Sam Fox School IT Department will gladly take a quick look at the issue and see if there is a quick solution. For more involved repairs, you will be referred to STS (Student Technology Services). If your computer or mobile device is under warranty, you should consult the manufacturer for qualified repair facilities in the area. IT staff can also direct you to a qualified repair center in the St. Louis area.

I can’t connect to the Internet.
If you are plugged into an Ethernet jack, make sure the connections are firm. If you are connected to the wireless network via WiFi, please make sure you are connected to “wustl-encrypted-2.0” and use your WUSTL Key.

Can I work in the Whitaker Lab?
Yes! We are always looking for qualified TAs to work in the lab. Applicants should have some computer knowledge and good customer service skills. If you are interested in working at the lab, please contact Trevor McKee.

What’s the best way to take care of my laptop?
Care and protection of your laptop against theft or damage is the personal responsibility of the laptop owner. Insurance can replace a computer, but it does not protect it against theft or damage and cannot replace lost files. To fully protect your work, back up your data frequently. Please use common sense when on campus or out in public.

Some helpful suggestions and reminders:

  • Do not leave your laptop unattended in a classroom.
  • Do not leave your laptop bag in unattended cars, or transport it in a flashy bag that invites theft.
  • Always lock your computer down with a security cable whenever possible.
  • Along with your laptop, be aware of the accessories that come with it. Your power supply and battery are costly and are the most commonly stolen items.

To protect against damage, we recommend:

  • Always transport your laptop in a protective sleeve or laptop bag.
  • Use a surge protector between your computer (laptop or desktop) and the electrical outlet. The electronics in a computer are sensitive and can easily be damaged by even a small electrical surge. Ask your vendor to recommend a reliable surge protector.
  • Please be aware of cords and cables attached to your laptop. These can cause a tripping hazard that could potentially pull your laptop off of a table.

How do I check the cost of printing for each printer?

  1. Log into your PaperCut account.
  2. Select “Rates” from the left navigation menu.
  3. Roll over “Details” on the right side of the chart to see the rates.

Standard plotting rates are also posted in the Whitaker Lab. If the rates are not posted, email the Help Desk or ask a student monitor in the labs. In some unique cases, a printer is designated for a specific program area and will be charged outside the PaperCut system. Please check with your area faculty at orientation for these discipline-specific printers as there are a few throughout the buildings.

Where are printers located?

  1. Log into your PaperCut account.
  2. Select “Rates” from the left navigation menu.
  3. Roll over the name of the printer on the left side of the chart of the chart. A pop up window will tell you generally where the printer is located.

The name of printer is based on its building location, the floor and sometimes if it is on the north or south location. In some cases, the printer is within a building lab or a program area or studio. Look for the name of the printer posted near the printer.