The Biology Department recognizes the historic and contemporary policies and practices that created and sustain racial inequities. We would like to acknowledge that our research and scholarship is conducted on the traditional, ancestral homelands of the Osage Nation, Missouria, and Illini Confederacy. We thank them for their stewardship of lands from which they were removed unjustly, and we recognize that our community is among the beneficiaries of that removal. The Department applauds and stands with our students, graduates, and colleagues on the front lines, who work to craft a more inclusive department, campus, region, and nation. We know that diverse voices are the foundation of innovative science and that intentional and thoughtful pedagogies can reverse injustice. We also acknowledge that the history of the Saint Louis region is fraught with racial violence and segregation, and that this racist legacy has benefited many institutions in the region, including our own. We state our active commitment to challenge this dark legacy of inequality by supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom, field, and laboratory, and by helping to build a more just and equitable scientific community at Washington University in St. Louis.