Our Mission

Immigration Law Society (ImmLS) was created to provide a voice for the students at WashULaw interested in promoting the rights of immigrants and/or in pursuing the practice of immigration law.

“Our immigration policy should be based in compassion and a desire to help the other.”

 Ilhan Omar

Our Purpose

  1. To address the needs and concerns of immigrants, locally, nationally, and globally, through encouraging law school students to become involved in immigration law issues and in promoting the rights of immigrants.
  2. To promote the objectives of the Immigration Law Clinic at WashU.
  3. To work with immigrant communities, both locally and nationally, by:
    1. Promoting an appreciation of cultural diversity;
    2. Providing ImmLS members and other interested students with access and opportunities for involvement within these communities through service projects and programs;
    3. Serving as a source of information for community organizations for immigrants.
  4. To educate, inform, and work with the Law School and local community concerning issues of interest to and/or affecting immigrants to the United States.
  5. To assist law students interested in pursuing immigration law in achieving their academic and professional goals and in gaining understanding of contemporary immigration law practice.