Yong Zhou

Program Years: 2013


Primary:L. Wang

Secondary: Mark Anastasio

Graduate Thesis Title: Translational Photoacoustic Tomography


Zhou, Y., Yao, J., Maslov, K. I., & Wang, L. V. (2014). Calibration-free absolute quantification of particle concentration by statistical analyses of photoacoustic signals in vivo. Journal of biomedical optics, 19(3), 037001-037001.

Zhou, Y., Liang, J., Maslov, K. I., & Wang, L. V. (2013). Calibration-free in vivo transverse blood flowmetry based on cross correlation of slow time profiles from photoacoustic microscopy. Optics letters, 38(19), 3882-3885.

[J. Liang, Y. Zhou], K.  I. Maslov, and L. V. Wang, “Cross-correlation-based transverse flow measurements using optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy with a digital micromirror device,” J. Biomed. Opt. 18(9), 096004 (2013).

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