Ly Phan

Program Years: 2008-2009


Primary:  Cindy Grimm

Secondary: Tao Ju

Graduate Thesis Title:


Ly Phan, Lu Liu, Sasakthi Abyesinghe, Tao Ju and Cindy Grimm, “Surface Reconstruction from Point Set using Projection Operator”, Siggraph 2008 posters and informal talks, second place in the ACM Student Programming Competition

Cindy Grimm, Ly Phan, Tao Ju, and John Hughes, “Adaptive Smooth Surface Fitting with Manifolds”, The Visual Computer, special issue (Computer Graphics International), 25(5), 589-597, May 2009

Ruosi Li, Liu Lu, Ly Phan, Cindy Grimm and Tao Ju, “Polygonizing Extremal Surfaces with Manifold Guarantees”, Symposium on Solid and physical Modeling, Sep 2010, pp 189-194

Andrew Knutsen, Yulin Chang, Cindy Grimm, Ly Phan, Larry Taber, Philip Bayly, “A New Method to Measure Cortical Growth in the Developing Brain”, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering,132(10, Oct 2010, PMID 20887014

Ly Phan, Andrew Knutsen, Philip Bayly, Sandra Rugonyi, and Cindy Grimm, “Refining Shape Correspondence for Similar Objects using Strain”, Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, April 2011