Kelsey Meinerz

Program Years: 2016-2018

Mentors: Joseph Ackerman, PhD and Joel Garbow, PhD

Graduate Thesis Title: 


Meinerz, K., et al., Bayesian Modeling of NMR Data: Quantifying Longitudinal Relaxation in Vivo, and in Vitro with a Tissue-Water-Relaxation Mimic (Crosslinked Bovine Serum Albumin). Applied Magnetic Resonance, 2018. 49(1): p. 3-24.

Meinerz, K., Beeman, S.C., Quirk, J.D., Ackerman, J.J.H., Garbow, J.R., Towards Measuring pO2 via 1H Longitudinal Relaxation of Water: Quantifying the Confounds [abstract]. In: ISMRM Workshop on MRI of the Placenta Program; 2018 February 4-6; Atlanta, GA.

Meinerz, K., Li, T., Beeman, S.C., Garbow, J.R., Ackerman, J.J.H., Quantifying pO2-Driven Longitudinal Relaxation of Water 1H Spins in the Presence of Magnetization Transfer: Cross-Linked BSA as a Tissue Mimic [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the ISMRM 25th Annual Meeting & Exhibition; 2017 April 22-27; Honolulu, HI. Abstract 3025.