Joemini Poudel

Program Years: 2015-2017


Primary: Mark Anastasio 

Secondary: L. Wang

Graduate Thesis Title: 


Poudel, J., Matthews, T. P., Anastasio, M. A., & Wang, L. V. (2016, March). Compensation of acoustic heterogeneities in photoacoustic computed tomography using a variable temporal data truncation reconstruction method. In SPIE BiOS (pp. 97083W-97083W). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

Y. Zhou, J. Poudel, G. Li, and L.V. Wang, In vivo photoacoustic flowmetry at depths of the diffusive regime based on saline injection, J Biomed Opt. 20(8):087001, Aug 2015. PMID: 262673464, PMC4681378 (Available on 2016-08-12).