Jennifer Griffith

Program Years: 2008-2009


Primary:Jeffrey Neil

Secondary: Philip Bayly

Graduate Thesis Title: Characterization of Normal Development and Injury in the Premature Baboon Brain


Barnette AR, Neil JJ, Kroenke CD, Griffith JL, Epstein AA, Bayly PV, Knutsen AK, Inder TE. Characterization of brain development in the ferret via MRI. Pediatr Res. 66:80-84.  (2009)

Griffith, J. L., Shimony, J. S., Cousins, S. A., Rees, S. E., McCurnin, D. C., Inder, T. E., & Neil, J. J. (2011). MR imaging correlates of white-matter pathology in a preterm baboon model. Pediatric research, 71(2), 185-191.

Tao, J. D., Barnette, A. R., Griffith, J. L., Neil, J. J., & Inder, T. E. (2011). Histopathologic correlation with diffusion tensor imaging after chronic hypoxia in the immature ferret. Pediatric research, 71(2), 192-198.