Zeiss Evo10 SEM

The Zeiss Evo 10 was installed in 2016.  This instrument provides stunning monochromatic images of sample surface features in magnifications ranging from 7X to 100,000X and more.  The unique chamber configuration allows many biological samples to be viewed in their hydrated state without the need for harsh drying or metal coating of the surfaces.  For many samples, the specimen can be simply attached to a specimen holder and imaged directly without any need for fixation.  Samples that have very low water contents (pollen grains, archeological specimens) can be viewed with even greater resolution in the high vacuum mode. 

This instrument is also equipped with a STEM detector to provide Transmission Electron imaging of thin sectioned (up to 100 angstrom) TEM samples.

Microscope Specifications

Evo 10 MA (W); maximum specimen height: 100 mm, diameter: 230 mm

Motorized stage travel: 80 X 100 X 35 mm

Field of View: 6 mm at Analytical Working Distance (AWD)

9 specimen sample holder

External camera sample navigator


2 nm, 3 nm @ 30kV SE

6 nm, 8 nm @ 3 kV SE

9 nm, 20 nm @ 1 kV SE

Vacuum Modes

High Vacuum (HV) mode:

Variable Pressure (VP) mode: 10 – 400 Pa

Easy VP mode: 10 – 133 Pa


SE: Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector

HDBSD: 5 quadrant Solid State Backscattered Electron Detector

STEM: Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Detector

EVO chamberscope internal digital camera

5-Axis Motorized Stage

X = 80 mm, Y = 100 mm

Z = 35 mm, Tilt = -10 to 90 degrees

Rotation = 360 degrees continuous

Software and Output

Zeiss Smart SEM

Zeiss Smart Tiff

Output: .tiff