Nikon Eclipse 80i Fluorescent Microscope

The Nikon Eclipse 80i is a fixed-staged upright microscope for basic fluorescence imaging needs delivering high signal to noise ratios, which produces high quality fluorescence images. The microscope is configured to image in transmitted light, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) and epifluorescence modes. This microscope is equipped with an epifluorescence attachment and 4 fluorescence filter cubes (DAPI, FITC, Texas Red, YFP) that are easily exchangeable to create different combinations.  This microscope is not motorized.

Microscope and Illumination Sources

Nikon Eclipse 80i upright microscope equipped with X-CITE 120XL mercury halide lamp channeled with a liquid light guide.  Built-in  – Watt white light source. Widefield  5.9 megapixel CMOS color microscope camera (new in 2016).   Bright-field and Differential Interference Contrast capabilities.

Objective Magnification NA Working Distance

Plan Fluor

10X dry


16 mm

Plan Fluor

40X dry


0.66 mm

Plan APO 60X oil

60X oil immersion


0.13 mm

Plan APO

100X oil immersion


0.13 mm

Fluorescent Filter Sets
Filter Applications Excitation Bandwidth Emission Bandwidth


DAPI; Hoechst 33258/33342;

340–380 nm
CWL: 360 nm

435–485 nm
CWL: 460 nm


FITC; Alexa488

465–495 nm
CWL: 480 nm

515–555 nm
CWL: 535 nm



Texas Red; Alexa 594

540-580 nm

CWL: 560 nm

600-660 nm

CWL: 630 nm



480-520 nm

CWL: 500 nm

505-565 nm

CWL: 535 nm


Nikon DS-Fi3 5.9 megapixel CMOS color microscope camera (new in 2016)

2880X2048 pixel images at 15 fps, and 1440X1024 pixel images at 30 fps.

Software and Output

Nikon NIS Elements F4.60.00.  Images are captured as .tiff

Microscope Manual

Eclipse 80i Manual