Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott gathers tools from the lunar rover while stopped at station 7 along the Apennine front on the Moon. The panorama is made from the frame set AS15-82-11047 to 11064 shot by James Irwin.

Team Five-O investigates volatile origins and evolution, and examines volatile-soil interactions.

Research that intersects science and human exploration

What is ICE Five-O?

ICE Five-O is composed of scientists from around the globe. The multidisciplinary team of researchers—who are leaders in their areas of specialization—commits itself to researching topics related to volatile evolution and regolith development on airless bodies like the Moon and asteroids, and researching how volatiles may enable future human space exploration—volatiles are molecules that easily evaporate at relatively low temperatures. Our efforts are focused at the intersection of science and exploration in order to address fundamental questions about the Earth-Moon system and extend human presence in the Solar System.

The Team is headed by Jeffrey Gillis-Davis at Washington University in St. Louis. The Five-O network of scientists incorporates domestic institutions across the USA (Hawaii, California, and Texas, Maryland) and international partner institutions in Canada.

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