Daniel Giammar

Photo of water pouring into hands.

Water: Vital for life (Engineering Momentum magazine)

By Public Affairs on March 11, 2016 in News, Water

Engineers in the School of Engineering & Applied Science are playing a major role in solving the world’s water crisis. A trio of I-CARES funded researchers is tackling water issues from unique angles. Read more about their efforts in Engineering Momentum magazine.

Iron uptake by plants focus of I-CARES grant

By Public Affairs on September 5, 2013 in Environment, News, Plants

Both humans and plants need iron in their diets, or else they get sick and don’t grow. Humans can eat iron-rich foods or a supplement, but for plants, the process is more complicated, as iron in the soil has to be dissolved before the plant can absorb it. With a one-year grant from Washington Uni...