Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 InCEES Summer Research Internships have been cancelled. 

The InCEES Summer Research Internship program exposes students to research in a lab or field-based setting and will further their interest in research on energy, environment and sustainability. Students work closely with a research mentor on a research project that they (the student) proposes. Internships have ranged from studying air quality and tall grass prairie species at Tyson Research Center, to working on the Solar Decathlon competition, to mapping food distribution from rooftop farms in downtown St. Louis.

The 2019 InCEES Summer Interns. From left to right: Lev Kolinski, Kristen Riedinger, Katherine Phelan, Jessica Rehmann and Jonathan Borowsky. Missing from the photo: Nicholas Matteucci.

The 2017 InCEES Summer Research Interns. From left to right: Liam Joyce, Melinda Lai, Savannah Fuqua, Marissa Lerner and Skyler Simon.