Meet the New Director

David Fike, Interim Director of InCEES, discusses his path to WashU and the future of InCEES.

WashU student reflects on InCEES internship

Graduating senior, Nick Matteucci, discusses how his two-year, summer research internship at InCEES helped prepare him for the next phase of his academic life.

The architecture of virus transmission

InCEES Professor, Hongxi Yin, explores whether using portable furnaces to sterilize contaminated building exhaust might help to stem COVID-19, the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Leadership change at InCEES

InCEES Director, Himadri Pakrasi, will conclude his tenure as director, effective July 1.

"Through InCEES, our faculty, staff and students are engaged in interdisciplinary research and application as they work in close collaboration with leaders across disciplines, industry, and government to address the world's most pressing energy, environmental, and sustainability issues."
Andrew D. Martin,
Chancellor of Washington University

Tweets by InCEES 

InCEES Video

InCEES fosters research related to energy, environment and sustainability that will benefit future generations. The hub of InCEES includes six signature partners.


“InCEES is the connective tissue that takes the Washington University from many great individual researchers to a world-class center for energy, environment and sustainability."
David A. Fike, InCEES Interim Director