The HTCN relies on the commitment of people like YOU to combat trafficking in persons.

As a volunteer, you will receive updates regarding ongoing anti-trafficking work in the St. Louis area, opportunities to participate in projects, and a network of like-minded individuals.

You can work with at least one of our four work groups described below. The volunteer application and application to be a committee or advisory member are below these.


Our aims are to:

  • Collect new, credible data and correcting inaccurate information
    • Compile credible regional and local prevalence data and risk factor information
    • Collect and map press release data involving federal, prosecuted, or indicted cases in Missouri and Illinois
    • Advocate to reduce sensational and/or stereotype images, languages, or numbers
    • Explore innovative methodologies to improve regional and local HT estimates
    • Provide available labor trafficking information
  • Provide risk-factor related data in the St. Louis region
    • Complete a mapping project surrounding the St. Louis Metropolitan area
    • Expand some domain mapping to Missouri and Illinois
  • Promote centralized database development in Missouri

Our aims are to:

  • Continue to strive for an inclusive anti-human trafficking network in the St. Louis region
    • Expand the HTCN listserv subscribers
    • Create an organizational mechanism to involve community partners and receive more timely feedback from the community
    • Organize advisory meetings on a regular basis
  • Convene an open forum meeting of HTCN members once a year
  • Continue to participate in community committees and coalition groups
    • Actively engage in the community NGO’s such as CATE, NCJW, labor unions, and minority community groups
    • Explore more buy-ins from at-risk businesses
    • Actively engage in governmental and anti-human trafficking offices and law enforcement
    • Facilitate outreach through exhibit participation and media appearances


Our aims are to:

  • Continue to provide annual healthcare and anti-trafficking conference for healthcare providers
    • Increase emphasis on trauma informed response and care
    • Continue evaluation assessments
  • Extend clinical and research collaborations with other hospitals and clinics in the St. Louis area
    • Develop and refine standardized victim identification
    • Develop standardized qualification and expertise in human trafficking for healthcare providers
    • Promote dissemination of and training on the ICD10-CM codes instituted in 2018

Our aims are to:

  • Continue with an anti-HT policy study focusing on improving political efficacy
    • Measure improvement in general political efficacy among those interested in anti-human trafficking movement via Institute of Public Health funding in collaboration with the Clark-Fox Policy Institute
  • Continue to collaborate with community policy activists and political leaders in the region
    • Meet with state and federal policy makers
    • Participate in anti-HT forum and rallies organized by policy makers and activists
    • Support community partners for policy incentivized events
  • Offer seminars on nuts and bolts of legislation process
    • Continue collaborative planning with the NCJW

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