Anti-human trafficking advocacy engagement: What motivates activism?

HTCN completed a policy study analyzing how certain factors, such as anti-human trafficking policies, where and how people access their information, group membership, and participation in political activities, can increase community engagement with anti-trafficking advocacy. The study was done by Heidi Tastet MD (Washington University School of Medicine, Washington University Brown School) and Amanda Sy (Washington University in St. Louis, College of Arts & Sciences).

Article prepared by Amanda Sy

Considerations For Human Trafficking Imagery in the U.S.A.

Images are used throughout almost every major advocacy campaign because they are powerful. However, this also means that you must be responsible and thoughtful in choosing images; otherwise, you could misrepresent your efforts. This is especially true in the field of human trafficking, which is plagued by myths, misconceptions, and a lack of accurate data. […]