Suicide risk assessment is a process which assessess the level of an individual’s risk for suicide to inform interventions.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment or Risk Formulation Procedures and Protocol:

  • Who, what, when, where?
  • Risk Assessment includes risk state and risk status
  • Collaborative Risk Assessment
  • Crisis Intervention

Conducting Risk Assessment:

Ideally, a single risk assessment is completed by multiple trained staff, in conjunction with one another, who are members of the crisis intervention team. They should assess the student’s level of risk including the student’s access to lethal means, information about previous attempts (if any), and the existence and specificity of the student’s plan.

Assigning a level of risk is generally not indicative of outcomes. Thus, all levels of risk should be taken seriously. Any student showing any level of risk should not be left alone and should receive an appropriate level of intervention.

Family Involvement in Risk Assessment

  • A member of the crisis response team, the building administrator or their designee should reach out to the parents/guardians of a student to:
    • to consult with them about the risk assessment of their student
    • to make them aware of community resources, and
    • to discuss how to best support the student’s mental well-being and safety.
  • If the parent/guardian refuses to cooperate or if there is any doubt regarding the student’s safety
    • local mental service providers and/or law enforcement may need to be engaged
    • a report may need to be made to the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline.
  • Contact with parents/guardians  concerning risk of suicide should be documented in writing

Effective Models

Risk Formulation:

Risk formulation is a process which informs safety planning and intervention. It is informed by clinical data and involves consideration of risk status (relative to others), risk state (relative to individual baseline), available resources, and foreseeable changes. View the model for risk formulation.