Crisis Response Team

A crisis response team is a group of trained and skilled professionals responsible for intervening and coordinating efforts during a time of crisis. Crisis response teams vary in size (often 5-10 members) and include a variety of staff members such as mental health professionals, support staff, teachers, nurses, and school resource officers.

Best Practices of a Crisis Response Team

In order to be effective a crisis response team must:

  • Develop and maintain clearly-established and documented definitions of:
    • The crisis response team itself​ (including members, responsibilities, roles, and training processes)
    • What constitutes a crisis​
    • The procedures to follow in a crisis
  • Have a clear method for being alerted that there is a crisis, of which all staff are aware and trained to utilize
  • Receive significant support from and be highly valued by administration ​

The composition of an effective crisis response team includes:

  • 5-10 interested staff members in various roles, such as nurses, social workers, counselors, teachers, school resource officers, and other support staff
  • a designated leader with the ability and authority to coordinate the team in the event of a crisis and communicate openly with school administration