Past Speakers

2019-2020   Jason De León

“The Land of Open Graves: Understanding the Current Politics of Migrant Life and Death along the US/Mexico Border”

On Borders and Unnatural “Natural” Deaths, by Tabea Linhard

2018-2019 Sue Vice

“The Holocaust in Literature and Film: Revisiting Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah”

Claude Lanzmann’s ‘Shoah’ and Its Archive of Outtakes, by Erin McGlothlin


2017-2018  Crystal Feimster

“The Greatest Outrage of the Century: White Violence and Black Protest in in America”

‘A Time to Lift One’s Voice’: The East St. Louis Riot in a Migration Perspective, by Douglas Flowe


2016-2017       Doris Bergen

“Holocaust or Genocide: Uniqueness and Universality”

The Holocaust and the ‘Whew’ Effect, by Erin McGlothlin


2015-2016       Jay Winter

“The Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide”

Violence and Memory, with Anika Walke and Jay Winter


2014-2015       David Shneer

“Through Soviet Jewish Eyes: Photography, War and the Holocaust”


2013-2014       Sarah Wagner

“Srebrenica’s Legacies of Loss and Remembrance”


2012-2013       Aron Rodrigue

“Some Reflections on Sephardic Jewries and the Holocaust”


2011-2012       David Rosen

“The Moral Complexity of the Child Soldier ‘Problem’”


2010-2011       Marianne Hirsch

“Rites of Return: The Afterlife of the Holocaust in Jewish Memory”


2009-2010       Benedict Kiernan

“Blood and Soil: Genocide in World History”


2008-2009       Daniel Mendelsohn

“Finding ‘The Lost’: A Journey into the History, Family, and Judaism”


2006-2007       David Rieff


2005-2006       Christopher Browning

“Holocaust Denial in the Courtroom: The Historian as Expert Witness”


2004-2005       Peter Balakian

“The Armenian Genocide and America’s First International Human Rights Movement”


2003-2004       Adam Hochschild

“The Holocaust and the Congo: Then and Today”


2002-2003       Jan Gross

“Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland”


2001-2002       James E. Young

“A Holocaust Memorial for Berlin?”


2000-2001       Philip Gourevitch

“The Rwandan Genocide”


1999-2000       Saul Friedländer

“The SHOAH: Memory, History and the Historian”


1998-1999       Louise Arbour

“Prosecutions before the International Criminal Court”


1997-1998       Michael Berenbaum

“The Holocaust and its Remembrance”


1996-1997       M. Cherif Bassiouni

“Stopping Impunity for International Crimes”


1995-1996       Steven Katz

“Holocaust and Mass Death: Variations and Differences”


1994-1995       Ernst Stein

“The Rise of Neo-Nazism in Germany”


1993-1994       Ian Hancock

“Gypsies, Germany and the Holocaust”


1992-1993       Elie Wiesel

“When the Unthinkable Happens”


1991-1992       William Shawcross

“Holocaust and Cambodia”


1990-1991       Robert Jay Lifton

“Beyond Genocide – Learning from the Nazi Doctors”


1989-1990       Arno Mayer

“Terror and Violence under Hitler and Stalin: Issues in Studying the Holocaust”