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What wakes us each day? How do we prepare for the daily challenges of finding food, shelter, and friends while avoiding predators and other environmental dangers? The Herzog Lab studies the molecules, cells and circuits underlying daily rhythms in mammals. We use real-time, long-term cellular imaging, electrophysiology and manipulations to gain insights into the roles of specific signals and cell types in the rich repertoire of daily behaviors. We currently focus on circadian regulation in, and by, neurons and astrocytes of different brain regions. We seek to answer questions like: Which cells generate daily rhythms? How do they synchronize to one another? What are the consequences when their rhythms are disrupted and can we restore daily rhythms when they are misaligned or lost?

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Contact us

Erik Herzog, PhD.

Washington University in St. Louis
Campus Box: 1137
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Office: Bayer 205
Phone: (314) 935-8635
Email: herzog@wustl.edu
Twitter: @ErikHerzog

Lab: Bayer 204
Lab Phone: (314) 935-3330