I am organizing two brief (roughly three hours long each) online sessions, titled Online Early Career Morning Sessions, in April 13-14, 2024 (Saturday, Sunday). The detailed schedule is below. This is aimed for early career researchers, understood here as PhD students and undergraduates involved in research, to both hear a few presentations by experienced researchers on current research topics and also to give a talk themselves. While this is geared towards analysis and applied analysis, also other research areas are represented.

Each morning begins with an hour long talk by an expert which is aimed to describe their current research area in a widely understandable way. I am very happy that this year these talks are given by:

Yumeng Ou, University of Pennsylvania
Blair Davey, Montana State University

You can find more about the research interests of the main speakers in the linked homepages.

The expert talks are followed by somewhat shorter talks by PhD students (25min) and undergraduates (15min). It is important to understand that for undergraduates, or even beginning PhD students, research can mean many things and we are just happy to hear from you. For instance, you may have done a research project or be currently in the process of writing an honors thesis and you could share about those and related results.

You are also warmly welcome to just come to listen to the talks. But please register for the event as the Zoom link will be send via email to the registered participants.

Talks by PhD students:
Yixuan Pang, University of Pennsylvania
Valentina Ciccone, University of Bonn
Benjamin Foster, Stanford University
Ana Colovic, Washington University in St. Louis
Troy Roberts, Washington University in St. Louis

Talks by undergraduates:
Alan Black, WashU
Harry Li, WashU
Anthony Hong, WashU
Jingyuan Zhu, WashU

Tentative Schedule:

Saturday 4/13 (Times are Central Time (CT) = local time Saint Louis)

10:05-11:05Yumeng Ou: Recent development on Falconer’s distance set problem
11:15-11:40Ben Foster: Analogies between polynomials and solutions to elliptic PDEs
11:45-12:10Ana Colovic: Testing conditions for boundedness of Hankel Operators between two weighted spaces
12:20-12:35Anthony Hong: Computation of Curvature of Cayley Graphs
12:40-12:55Harry Li: Generating families of graphs up to the action of permutation groups
1:00-1:15Jingyuan Zhu: A Stability Analysis of Neural Network Models for Tsunami Early Warning

Sunday 4/14 (Times are Central Time (CT) = local time Saint Louis)

10:00-11:00Blair Davey: Unique continuation and Landis’ conjecture
11:10-11:35Valentina Ciccone: Endpoint estimates for higher-order square
11:40-12:05Troy Roberts: Bounded operators on the variable Lebesgue spaces
12:15-12:40Yixuan Pang: A short proof of an algebraic identity with applications to classical harmonic analysis
12:45-1:00Alan Black: A Non-Homogeneous T1-type Theorem

This event is associated with the NSF grant DMS-2247234.